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Thanks for visiting my site.  Here you will find stories and anecdotes about life and people in different places and times.  This is also the place to join me in my journey of discovery as I explore myself and the world around me in Israel and abroad as well as my family roots in Europe and America.


Along the way, you will learn about the books I read and find information about my current writing projects, as well as a bit of this and that. Feel free to browse around and share your own anecdote or story.

Life and truth are made up of all the bits and pieces, which only when they all come together can present a true reflection.  It takes a community, so come be a part of mine.


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ראש הטופס


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  1. Your stories draw me in. I want to read more. Thank you for sharing your life and your family.

    • Thank you, Pamela. And you’re always welcome to “pop in” and join the family…

  2. Ann Stanley

    We’ve had a long beautiful fall this year. We had a hard frost at the beginning of October. Many trees turned colors after that. Some of them have lost their leaves, but, it’s been fairly mild since that one night, so some are just starting to turn. I was walking the dogs this afternoon and had to stop and admire one particular bright yellow tree. Yesterday, it was a red maple that caught my attention. The days are short now; those brief glittering moments help me keep my sanity.

    • How beautiful, Ann. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Shifra K Bemis

    Mirel thank you for sharing this experience. I love the way you draw the reader into the story. bravo. and Thank God your son was saved. love ya shif

    • Thanks for your kind words. Yup, we were very lucky. We׳re waiting to welcome Joel here. In the meanwhile, lots of love to all of you…

  4. Mirel, thanks for inviting me to join your community. I’m looking forward to reading your anecdotes #newsubscriber!

    • Great having you on board, Katie.

    • Welcome aboard, Katie! Glad to have you as part of our growing community.

  5. Shifra K Bemis

    You did it again. Beautiful and so meaningful.

    • Thanks, Shifra. It has always been painful for me to see my mother’s Holocaust pain. It resonates in me and leaves me aching and at loss.

      Perhaps in some ways, my writing is my attempt to address these issues. Even in the fantasy I just wrote, I was shocked to discover many of these themes… I guess they’ve filled my subconscious.

      • Shifra K Bemis

        Mirel I believe that as children of survivors, our parents anguish and pain and experience is a part of who we are. its kind of like the experience which no matter how much our parents talk about it we as their children cannot understand beyond the comprehension that they have this excruciating pain that they live with AND we cant take it away no matter what.

        • Exactly. I knew you’d get it.
          Gitit asked me on Shabat if my mother had ever told me of her feelings of guilt before. I told her, No. It was the first time I heard her mention it, but I’d always been aware of it. She wanted to know how? And I couldn’t tell her. There were so many things that we intuited without being told. So many seemingly neutral statements that we knew were laden with hidden references, that weren’t always hidden to us. No? Didn’t you feel it too?

          • Shifra K Bemis

            My mom was pretty clear about her guilt. It was emotionally crushing to hear her express the depth of her sorrow. Btw are u taping these conversations.

          • What I’m saying is that things were clear even when they weren’t explicit.

            And no, this conversation came up on Shabat, so I couldn’t tape it. And besides: I usually only get a sentence here and there. Gitit she spoke to for well over half an hour. I only overheard part of it.

  6. Helene

    Mirel your stories are so well told… yet they give me the shivers. I’m starting to think my generation (I’ll be 83 soon) is the last generation to know and remember what happened to our Jewish roots.
    Perhaps your generation and my children will never forget, but sometimes I wonder. The truth is we must never forget!

    • This story was hard to tell, I’m glad that it moved you.

      And I think that our heritage is strongly tied in with our remembrance of the past. While there are always those who prefer to ignore or forget it, there will always be those who remember. And memory is important to make sure it’s never repeated.

  7. Helene

    I totally agree… And thanks for telling the story, we need to hear about it again. No, never forget.

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